Turbine axiale

Axial turbine

A new axial turbine has been conceived, designed and developed in a project led by the Hydroelectricity group at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis School of Engineering.This turbine recovers the energy from existing infrastructures, in particular drinking water supply networks.

The turbine comprises two counter-rotating wheels on each level which between them ‘harvest’ the pressure in the pipe. Each hydraulic wheel is connected to the rotor of the corresponding generator. This configuration results in the most compact design possible. Depending on the hydraulic characteristics of the site, several levels can be added together. This turbine’s flexibility lies in the speed of rotation of the generators, which optimises energy generation over time. As a result, this machine is well suited to sites with high fluctuations in flow rate.

Who is working on this project now?


BlueArk Entremont SA
Place de Curala 5
1934 Le Châble


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