Irrigation Master Plan 2100, FOEN project

Today, global warming affects every corner of the world, and Val de Bagnes is no exception. There is currently enough water available for irrigation there, but there is a danger that this situation will change in the future. To tackle this problem, a project has been launched to assess the future evolution of demand and availability of water in a mountainous region subject to considerable seasonal variation in water requirements.

The Irrigation 2100 project aims to ‘redesign’ the irrigation system of the municipality of Val de Bagnes. It’s supported by the federal offices for the environment and agriculture. The idea behind this project is to plan the infrastructures that need to be in place by 2100 and to decide on a future irrigation system that will be fit for purpose. In addition, a pilot sector in the Le Châble area has been fitted with pressure sensors that also measure the soil’s water requirement with the aim of finding a way to tailor the water supply to actual demand.

Who is working on this project now?


BlueArk Entremont SA
Place de Curala 5
1934 Le Châble


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